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Summoner's War Exporter (SWEX) is an excellent tool to extract the necessary data from your device. SWEX also provides an in-app Help section where everything important is written. If you don't have a PC or want a more comfortable solution feel free to try out SWEX Web Water Assassin (Stella) - Summoners War Runes and Guide Stella (Water Assassin) is a great attack monster in Summoners War. Her third skill's number of hits scales up with Stella's speed (up to seven with at least 224 speed). With skill set based on defense break (first skill weakening effect) and brand e 1 minute Dragon B10 Speed Run like a Pro! [With 2 Star

Look, you should know by now that I have as close to no LD Nat4+ as 4 years of pulls allow and sure as hell I do not have a Luis. I have put an eye on his skillset and, while I have to say that it synergizes to some extent with Jeanne’s, I have no idea what I would put in comp with them because, to put it bluntly, taken by himself or in tandem with Jeanne it is not like Luis makes much sense ...

Welcome to the beginner's rune guide for Summoners War: Sky Arena! We will be briefing you a detailed tutorial for runes! For rune recommendations for monsters, Swift runes | Summoners War Monsters

Stats Grade Level Min Lv. 25 Min Lv. 30 Min Lv. 35 Min Lv. 40 Normal HP 1380 2490 1995 3390 2715 4605 3675 6255 ATK 167 301 241 410 328 557 446 758 DEF 104 188 150 255 204 347 278 472 Awakened HP 1680 3015 2415 4095 …

Fire Brownie Magician (Draco) - Summoners War Ratings Guide The Fire Brownie Magician Draco is great immunity monster for early to mid-game players. Step-by-Step, Chapter 23: Rift Dungeon – Wind Beast - Summoners Chapter 23 of our player progression series is about clearing the Wind Beast in auto-mode with at least “Rank A” result. The third step in acquiring materials for our Homunculus is the Wind Beast. Step-by-Step, Chapter 15: A Guide to Conquering Dragon’s Lair B Chapter 15 of our player progression series is about clearing the Dragon’s Lair B10 (DB10) in auto-mode. — Why DB10? because it is necessary for the transition of becoming a Master Summoner. Griffon - Summoners War Runes and Guides

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Necro B10 on Summoners War Guide Speed runs Shield Shield Blade – SPD CD ATK (Will discuss this in detail below) Violent Shield – SPD CD ATK. Violent Blade SPD CD ATK. Any SPD slot 2 can be replaced with an attack slot 2 as long as you have the SPD subs to make Shaina faster than the other twins. 80+ CR. 150+ CD. 150+ Spd and fastest twin on your team. Which monsters should i build? | Summoners War Q&A For runes, slot 2/4/6/ you want as % stats (or spd) over flat stats – HP +10% on a rune is far better than HP +1000 (long term). Roaq: yes, lots of attack on him. Fatal + blade or just whichever are your best runes (next saturday is free rune removal date too)